About us

  • Long-term

    We are gathering the knowledge needed to realize our goals since 2005, continuously expanding it by new experiences and training courses.

  • Necessary

    We possess a permission by the head of the polish atomic agency for transporting radioactive materials in Poland. We also have permissions for various European countries.

  • Record-breaking

    Every year, our vehicles cover a distance of approximately two million kilometers, delivering over 10.000 parcels to clients in Poland and all over Europe.

  • Vehicles privileged
    in traffic

    This exceptional fleet is used to transport radiofarmaceuticals with a half-life of just 120 minutes. Unfailingly.

  • Qualified

    Our staff members are a team of ambitious and qualified people, ready to take on new challenges and expanding their knowledge.

  • Constant
    safety checks

    Safety is our most important aspect. It is provided by our specialists for road and transportation safety and our protection officer for radiology.

  • Partners

    We were trusted by the leading producers of radioisotopes. Amongst them is the national center for atomic research POLATOM, Synektik Pharma Sp. z o. o. and the German company Life Radiopharma F-con GmbH.

  • Trusted
    by institutions

    The biggest oncological centers in Poland and Germany entrust us with tasks which have direct impact on the diagnostics and treatment of patients.

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